Xbox One’s GPU clock receives speed boost to rival PS4, now 853MHz


Xbox One

According to Microsoft’s Major Nelson (Larry Hryb), Microsoft has increased the graphics performance of the Xbox One entertainment console to rival that of its primary competitor, the new PlayStation 4 from Sony. In fact, the Xbox One GPU has seen a GPU clock speed boost from 800MHz to 853MHz.

This detail comes from an internal beta of the Xbox One, which is currently taking place. Developers have access to the final development kits to build games for the Xbox One. Since Sony has opted for more raw graphics power for the PS4, Microsoft wanted to increase the GPU power on the Xbox One to match the PS4. It is unknown at this time how much of a difference the Xbox will be with the new speed increase, compared to the PS4.

Microsoft has also apparently developed a “mono driver” for the Xbox One. This driver is described as a 100% optimized graphics driver for the entertainment console.

With the upcoming release of new Xbox One set for November of this year, Microsoft has gone on record and has explained why the console is so large and what benefits we will see from the larger device. According to the devices and services giant, the Xbox One is ‘entirely silent’ when in idle and low-activity mode and you will ‘barely feel’ any heat from the console.