The Xbox One X is so powerful it can even cut GTA V’s loading times

Jack Wilkinson

Anyone who has played (or attempted to play) GTA V on Xbox One knows of how painful the loading times can be. Whatever it is that you try to do in the game, at some point you’re hit with a lengthy loading animation. Some claim that using an SSD can improve matters slightly, but not by much.

There is hope ahead however. With the Xbox One X launching next week, an early report by Stallion83, the player with the highest gamerscore on Xbox Live, the Xbox One X can chop loading times down from around 1 minute, 7 seconds on the Xbox One S, to just 24 seconds on the Xbox One X. Those on the original Xbox One are likely to see further improvements when moving over to Microsoft’s latest console.

As shown in the video above, the difference in the length of loading times is vastly reduced on the later console. Finally, you’ll spend more time playing and less time loading in GTA V.