Xbox One X orders reportedly well ahead of expectations

Kit McDonald

When Microsoft announced the Xbox One X console as an elite gaming device for the committed player, its controversial $499 price became a heated topic. Analysts even went so far as to predict that the Xbox One X wouldn’t do well, in spite and even because of the 4K resolution graphics and improved performance over its predecessors. Yet with its opening to pre-orders, Xbox One X is already selling out at some retailers.

Reported by Gamespot, a whole list of retails are selling out across the board. Amazon US and UK sites, as well as GameStop, are all showing up as unavailable. The numbers aren’t exactly being revealed, but it’s clear that the interest in the ‘elite’ gaming console has racked up enough interest to limit its availability for now. Of course, pre-orders can also be cancelled, leaving the exact amount being sold up to guess work.

It’s also worth noting that any pre-orders currently are buying the limited Project Scorpio Edition of Xbox One X. According to a tweet from Xbox Head Mike Ybarra, the edition is “very limited”. This version is noticeable by the green Project Scorpio text across the box, console, and controller.

If you haven’t already ordered yet, there are still some major retails such as Target, Walmart, and more that are more than willing to hook you up.