Xbox One vs PS4: Microsoft’s console reigns supreme in the world of social media


Xbox One vs PS4: Microsoft's console reigns supreme in the world of social media

Despite the fact that Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4) is currently beating Microsoft’s Xbox One in terms of sales, the Xbox One is actually beating the PS4 in terms of social media popularity. According to new data from Motovo Real Estate, Microsoft’s Xbox One is actually the most popular next-generation console on Facebook!

Motovo Real Estate took data from Facebook and put together a national map that showcased which console was popular amongst gamers based on the number of “Likes” received. The data compares the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Wii U. The data revealed that the Xbox One is the preferred console in 22 states, while 19 states prefer the PS4. 9 other states are tied and the Nintendo Wii U did not win in any states. A timeframe of when the data was compiled was not revealed, indicating that this data could be a few months old.

Both consoles are liked in every state, however only one console can be awarded as the victor based on who had the most “Likes.” The southwest seems to love the Xbox One, while the PS4 is popular in the heartland. Microsoft’s offering also has a bigger fan base in the larger states, like California, New York, and Texas.

The next-generation console war is ongoing. Thusfar, the PS4 has trumped the Xbox One in sales with over 7 million units sold, compared to the Xbox One’s 5 million figure. The Wii U has sold 6 million.

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