Xbox One upgrades to Windows 10 in November

Sean Michael

Xbox One upgrades to Windows 10 in November

At Gamescom we’re having bombs of news dropped on us left and right. One such bombshell is that Xbox One will be upgraded to Windows 10, and will be available this November. When announced at Gamescom today, it was stated that with this update comes “a completely redesigned experience that will be faster and easier than ever before.”

We’ve known about the Xbox One upgrading to Windows 10 but have not had an official timeline until now. November is set to be a huge month for the Xbox One as it’s also the month that Xbox 360 backwards compatibility rolls out to everyone. 


One of the features that will be part of Windows 10 on the Xbox One is DX12. This is a highly anticipated feature for gaming and allows greater detail to be included within games by developers.

We’ll have plenty of more news from Gamescom so stay tuned.