Xbox One to get full keyboard and mouse support

Kareem Anderson

Xbox One with Keyboard and Mouse

The long rumored often elusive keyboard and mouse support for Xbox One may actually be on its way sooner than dreamed about.

A senior Microsoft official mentioned during the company’s developer conference that soon those game developers who are part of the Xbox Live Creators program will be able to mimic their Windows 10 counterparts by incorporating more desktop features.

Among those Windows, desktop features coming to the platform are mouse and keyboard support. Furthermore, the executive said it would ‘soon’ that developers in the Xbox Live Creators Program should expect support in the near future.

Optimistically, over the past few years, Microsoft has been eager to meld the worlds of Xbox and Windows 10 and with the framework set in place for console gamers to dabble with full Windows 10 apps, it should be a short order for keyboard and mouse support to maneuver those apps.