Xbox One to allow custom Gamerpics after Creators Update

Brad Stephenson

Inflatable Xbox One Controller

In the latest episode (#589) of the official Xbox podcast, Major Nelson Radio, Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb spoke with Xbox’s Mike Ybarra and together revealed that customized Gamerpics would soon be coming to the Xbox One console and Windows 10 sometime after the launch of the Creators Update and possibly before E3 in June 2017.

“There’s a lot of challenges with custom Gamerpics,” Ybarra begins at the 20:20 mark in the podcast. “What people create as their picture sometimes horrifies you, makes you not sleep, and other times, hey, that’s a great Gamerpic. We’ll allow custom Gamerpics soon after we’ve released the Creators Update.” He then confirms that, it is something they’re definitely working on and when asked by Hyrb if the feature could launch before E3, Ybarra clearly states, “Certainly before E3.”

Right now, Xbox users on Windows 10 and Xbox One have the ability to choose from a variety of pre-designed Gamerpics or create their own one with their 3D Xbox Live avatar. Customized Gamerpics would let users upload their own images to be used on their profiles and in games in a similar way to how images can be uploaded to social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Are you excited for customized Gamerpics on Xbox One and Windows 10? Let us know if you would use them in the comments below.