Xbox One steals PlayStation 4's title as top console in October

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Microsoft’s Xbox One has finally outsold Sony’s PlayStation 4. Since its initial release in Fall of 2014, the PlayStation 4 has been outselling Xbox One month over month. In September we reported the PS4 was the highest selling console four months in a row. October, however, was Microsoft’s month as it was named best-selling console, even after the PS4’s $50 price drop.
According to Mike Nichols, Vice President of Xbox marketing, it was the Xbox One’s stellar game line-up that allowed it to earn the number one spot. With the recent release of Halo 5, NBA 2K 16, and FIFA16, there was certainly a bit of content made available in October.
After October’s triumph, it is very possible that Microsoft can steal PlayStation 4’s fire. With November’s exclusive launch of Rise of the Tomb Raider, we will certainly see if the Xbox One has what it takes to win another title as number one.
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