Xbox One sales have doubled since the release of the $399 Kinect-less console option


Xbox One sales have doubled since the release of the $399 Kinect-less console option

After announcing the Kinect-less Xbox One console option for $399 in May, Microsoft was hoping to increase sales of the console in the ongoing war against Sony’s PS4. The company revealed today that sales of the Xbox One have doubled over the past month.

“Over the past month, we’ve seen a strong spike in interest in our Xbox One console options, including the new $399 offering, and the amazing lineup of games announced during E3. Since the new Xbox One offering launched on June 9th, we’ve seen sales of Xbox One more than double in the US, compared to sales in May, and solid growth in Xbox 360 sales,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

According Microsoft, June sales figures for the Xbox One have doubled in comparison to the month of May. Microsoft didn’t offer specifics, but did indicate that these figures are based on “sold-through numbers during the retail calendar.”

Xbox Marketing Director Harvey Eagle recently stated that the company was “really happy” with the results thus far. “Our momentum has really improved in the past weeks and months and we’re obviously really happy about that. And by momentum, I mean sales.” GameStop president Tony Bartel even stated that they were seeing an increase in Xbox One console purchases thanks to the removal of the Kinect. It sure looks like Microsoft’s plan is definitely working.

Microsoft also promises new deals and promotions as the holiday season approaches. “Gamers love the holidays and we are lining up incredible deals and special promotions to celebrate. The fun is just getting started and we can’t wait to share more exciting news soon,” the company added.