Xbox One S requires Kinect adapter, available free

Laurent Giret

Earlier today, Microsoft unveiled during its E3 2016 press conference the Xbox One S, a sleek hardware revision of its gaming console that will be 40% smaller while also carrying internal Power Supply, an up to 2TB internal drive and an IR Blaster. Compared to the previous hardware design, this slimmer model will certainly be much appreciated by gamers though Microsoft had to make some compromises to fit so much stuff into a smaller design.

xbox one S
Xbox One S

Indeed, Microsoft has explained that the Xbox One S won’t have an integrated Kinect port, though it’s not all bad as an Xbox Kinect USB Adapter will be available for those interested in the hardware revision. Even better, if you already own an Xbox One with a Kinect and want to upgrade to the newer model, Microsoft will give you a free USB adapter:

In order to make the Xbox One S as compact as possible and make all of these updates, we removed the dedicated Kinect port from the back. Kinect for Xbox One will still be compatible with Xbox One S via the Xbox Kinect Adapter for USB connection and offers the same great experiences as the current console. For fans that currently own a Kinect for Xbox One and plan to purchase the Xbox One S, we are offering a free Xbox Kinect Adapter.

Microsoft has already set up a support page to help gamers order their free adapter once they will get their hands on their new Xbox One S. Be aware that you will need the serial number for all three devices to get the free Xbox Kinect Adapter, with Microsoft adding that “we recommend you make sure your Xbox One console and Xbox One Kinect Sensor are registered to your Microsoft Account.”

The Xbox One S will cost you $299.99 and is expected to hit the stores this August. Let us know in the comments if you’re glad that Microsoft is still supporting the Kinect on this new model.