Xbox One S makes it big on Amazon Prime Day as #1 selling console in the US and UK

Laurent Giret

Xbox One S

Since its launch three years ago, Amazon Prime Day has become a great opportunity to save big on tech purchases, and this year’s edition has been pretty great for the Xbox team. Indeed, the discounted Xbox One S was the best-selling console in the US and UK on Prime Day, something that Xbox marketing manager Aaron Greenberg was quick to celebrate on Twitter.

In the US, the Xbox One S 1TB Starter bundle including 3 months of Xbox game Pass, 3 months of Xbox live Gold and a free copy of the Rare Replay anthology was just $229.99. That’s pretty great value, especially when you consider the 1TB hard drive, the 4K and HDR support and the 4K Blu-Ray Player. As Microsoft often says it in its various marketing materials, the Xbox One S offers “the best value in games and entertainment” and there’s definitely truth to that.

Even though Microsoft is no longer revealing how many consoles it sells every quarter, 2018 is already looking to be a great year for Xbox sales according to analysts. Erlier this month, Mat Piscatella, US Video Games Industry Analyst at the NPD Group wrote that the Xbox One has “shown very strong growth so far this year and is on pace to have the highest time-aligned annual growth rate for console unit sales since the Xbox 360 in 2010.” In the same report, the analyst said that the Xbox One should end the year with an install base that is 30% higher than the one of the Xbox 360 at the same point in their lifecycle.