Xbox One reputation system penalizes gamers who behave badly


Xbox One reputation system penalizes gamers who behave badly

Part of the fun of being an Xbox One owner is the social aspect of the console. When deciding who you want to play with, you want to know that your potential opponent is going to play fair, is of the same sort of skill level and is going to behave properly whilst playing. This is something the gamer reputation system helps with, and starting this month it is being updated to make it more useful.

While most gamers managed to remain in the Green (Good Player) category, there are some who gradually slip. As feedback from other players is received and a player’s reputation starts to drop, warnings will be sent out to try to encourage them to change their ways. Microsoft says that these warnings “are based on community feedback collected since Xbox One launched.”

If things start to get really bad and a player slips right down into the red, Avoid Me, zone, there could start to be penalties. Those who exhibit bad behavior which others complain about could well find that they are unable to take advantage of certain features such as Twitch broadcasting — so remember to behave from now on!

The changes should only really affect those users who have been spoiling the experience for everyone else, but in case you are worried that you may have your privileged lowered without good reason, Microsoft offers some reassurance:

“Remember, we designed the algorithm so it won’t penalize you for bad reports over a few weeks of play. The system also adjusts for false reports from people that might intentionally report someone of greater skill or for other griefing purposes.”

Does all of this seem like a good idea to you?