Xbox One QR code cards begin to showup in more retail game packages

Staff Writer

QR Code in Xbox One game boxes

Before the Xbox One had even been released, Microsoft unveiled the console’s ability to scan a QR code in lieu of needing to manually type in a long digital key code. Major Nelson first showed off the technology on the video social network, Vine. However, since unboxing my Xbox One and scanning the included Xbox Live time, QR codes haven’t been showing up everywhere – until now.

As Reddit user J1987R pointed out with his post today, more games are including scannable content in the box. Even third party publishers, including Activision and Warner Bros., are joining the effort. QR Codes aim to make select everyday actions with the Xbox One faster and more efficient.

If you have never used Xbox One’s code scanning feature, you will first need a compatible card to scan. Once acquired, simply give your Xbox One the following command: “Xbox, use a code.”. Once the command is issued, you can hold up your card and have the system scan the information.

Image credit to J1987R.