Xbox One Preview Program receives first wave of April content updates

Dave W. Shanahan

Xbox One Preview Program receives first wave of April Xbox One content updates

According to Major Nelson, gamers in the Xbox One Preview Program received the first wave of content slated to be released to all Xbox One owners in April 2015. Major Nelson indicated that there will be a second wave of features coming next week to Xbox One Preview Program members. This is exciting news to see Microsoft roll out more and more features to continue to improve the Xbox One experience.

Here is a quick overview of the first wave of April 2015 features for Xbox One Preview Program members:

  • Party chat improvements: The Party App will get your microphone activated and show you when there are issues communicating with Xbox Live gamers due to Xbox One privacy settings or networking issues. 
  • Game hub links: Xbox One will make it easier to find game hub content through the activity feed. The activity feed will show you when any of your Xbox Live friends follow a game, and it’ll be easier to get back to a Xbox One game’s hub from activity feed items related to the game through activity feed items like game clips, game’s achievements, game clips, and screenshot.     
  • Achievement notifications: Now when you earn an Xbox Live achievement, you’ll see a description of the achievement to let you know what you did in order to earn that specific game achievement. This will make it easier for you to see your achievements without having to hold the Xbox One button to see specific details on all your achievements. There are also improvements made to the achievements notification system so you can see your Xbox One achievements the second you achieve them.

So that is the roundup of the first round of April 2015 content updates for Xbox One Preview Program members. If you are in the Xbox One Preview Program, let us know what you think of these new content features in the comments section.