Xbox One Preview members receiving firmware prep for Windows 10 UI update

Kareem Anderson

During Gamescom, Microsoft went into more detail about the upcoming Windows 10 / UI-overhaul landing on the Xbox One this fall. In subsequent interviews during the convention, other Xbox executives chimed in with more details about the whats and whens of the update. Part of the disseminated information included a September scheduled preview of the update rolling out to Xbox One Preview members.
At the time of the announcement, the September preview was still a tentative mention. Partner Director of Program Management for Xbox and Windows Platform  Mike Ybarra Xbox, stated “my goal is Win10 is on Xbox One, with the new UI, for Preview members in September.
It now appears that the September preview of Windows 10 on the Xbox One is still on schedule. Microsoft will be rolling out a small firmware update for the Xbox One that will include a few minor fixes to party chat features as well as prepping the console for the Windows 10 update.

Xbox One preview users are now pretty much accustomed to the rapid update cycles on the device and owners should be on particular lookout for firmware version number 6.213326.0. The Xbox team informs users that they are “hard at work building and fine tuning the new Xbox One user experience that will be unveiled to the preview community this Fall. This update will help us to get your console ready to receive the new experience”.
The full Windows 10 update should land on the console for preview member sometime in early September, as the Xbox team hopes to have it tested and ready for all Xbox One consoles by November of this year.