Xbox One outsells WiiU and PS3 in Japan

Brad Stephenson

Neo Geo Sengoku 2 on Xbox One

It’s no secret that Microsoft’s Xbox One console has been struggling in Japan but things could possibly be turning around according to new sales numbers released by Media Create.

Last week in Japan, the Xbox One managed to outsell the Nintendo WiiU and Sony’s PlayStation 4, selling 677 units compared to 397 and 407 respectively. This is a big jump from the previous week’s sales which reported only 101 units sold nationwide. For context, Xbox One console sales usually hover between the 100 and 200 unit mark and is almost always at the bottom of the console list as we reported about a month ago.

It’s unclear what increased interest in the Xbox One during this period in Japan. It could be an effect of increased brand awareness brought on by Xbox’s growing presence on Windows 10 PCs, something which is incredibly popular in Japan, but it could also be due to a larger push in Japanese electronics stores due to the recent launch of Xbox game cards in Yamada Denki branches.

While the Xbox One did manage to outsell the WiiU and PS3, both last-gen consoles, it still has a way to go to reach the current PS4 (20,963 units sold) and Nintendo Switch (47,911 units sold) console sales levels.

Do you think this could be the beginning of an upswing in Xbox One sales in Japan? Speculate in the comments below.