Xbox One gets a bug fix system update rolling out today

Laurent Giret

It’s been nearly a week since Microsoft officially announced the roll out of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to its Xbox One gaming console (the update has been labeled as the “Xbox One Summer Update”), but Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has just announced on Twitter that a minor update is already out. According to the Xbox exec, this update brings no new features but some bug fixes to improve the experience on the Xbox One System software:

As a reminder, the Xbox One Summer Update has brought several new features to the gaming console such as Cortana, background music support, a new Store that features the first Windows 10 UWP apps, improvements to the Game Collection and more. The latest update to the Xbox One System Software will appear automatically when it is ready to be installed on your console, but you can also manually check for updates by following these steps:

  • Scroll left from Home to open the guide.
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Select “All Settings.”
  • Under System, select “Console info & updates.”
  • Available updates will show in the second button down in the first column.

What has been your experience with the Xbox One Summer Update so far? Sound off in the comment if you like what the Xbox team has done on the gaming console so far.