Xbox One gearing up for E3 with new developers bundle

Kareem Anderson

Image Credit: Xbox

Unlike Apple or Google, Microsoft finds itself in a unique position every year around this time. Microsoft is the only tech company of the modern three to have a presence on both a developers conference for their operating business as well as a significant appearance at E3’s gaming convention. After Apple makes their pitch to developers for Mac and iOS at their World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC), Microsoft will be courting developers yet again. This time, Microsoft is propositioning developers for their big screen entertainment ambitions. Where, Windows represents productivity and mobility, Microsoft’s Xbox represents gaming and entertainment. Perhaps to the behest of the company, its marketing efforts regarding entertainment were poorly received during the early onset while gaming took a back seat. However, the Xbox team has been on a year-long campaign to bring gaming back to the forefront of the platform.  

This year, Microsoft is revealing their “Independent Developers Pack” for the Xbox One. The announcement was made in Australia, on the eve of E3 this year. Eager Xbox One developers can look forward to download tokens for five ID@Xbox games. Titles include Hand of Fate, Threes!, #IDARB, The Jackbox Party Pack, and Never Alone. In addition to the five bundled titles, developers will also receive DLC add-ons for two more titles, Warframe and Smite beta. The Independent Developers Pack should also include a new Xbox One controller with an integrated headphone jack. Other specifics include:

  • Xbox One console
  • Xbox One Wireless Controller with 3.5mm headset jack
  • High-Speed HDMI Cable
  • Built-In-Wireless Networking Capability
  • 500GB Hard Drive
  • Download tokens for five full games plus in-game content for two free-to-play games
  • Additional Contents: 2 AA Batteries, Power Supply, AC Power Cord

As far as pricing is concerned, we’ve only known what the AU pricing will be thus far. In the AU, the developer bundle starts at $499 or just as much as the original Xbox with Kinect bundle. Based on the release images and notes, there is no indication of a bundled Kinect for the package. There is also no mention of an extended international rollout beyond Australia for the time being. Buyers should also note that Microsoft will be limiting the amount of bundles, so the offer will most likely be until supplies last. We would expect that with a big gaming developer conference just days away, that many more Xbox One developers will will see mentions of the bundles internationally, soon.