Xbox One game development will be much easier and less time consuming


Xbox One

With the recent announcement that Xbox game developers can self-publish titles onto Xbox Live, Microsoft has also revealed that game development on the Xbox One will be much easier compared to the Xbox 360. In fact, game development on the Xbox One will also be less time consuming.

“So we’re taking a lot of steps to make it so that a wider array of developers can develop things for this Xbox. And to make it so our certification requirements and typical curation procedures are much easier and more streamlined,” Microsoft’s Xbox Live’s principal program manager Chad Gibson stated in an interview.

In other words, developing games for the new Xbox One platform will be easier than ever. Microsoft now operates fewer proprietary tools for Xbox One game development and publication, which means more freedom for developers. “There are debug Xboxes, absolutely, but it’s the exact same hardware as a regular Xbox, it’s just which keys and which certificates are on it, allowing it to see which version of the [Application Programming Interface] is in production,” Xbox’s director of development Boyd Multerer stated.

One of the big changes with the Xbox One is that developers will no longer need to “shuttle” between development environments for game development, testing, and publication. Now, developers can do everything in the production environment, which is Xbox Live.

If you are interested in developing games for Xbox Live, we highly recommend heading over to the source link to read the full interview.