Xbox One features an ‘elegant design with raw power’, runs three operating systems #XboxReveal


Xbox One

During the next-gen Xbox reveal on the Xbox campus today, Microsoft revealed that the Xbox One features an ‘elegant design with raw power.’

The Xbox One, revealed earlier today, features a new console as well as a redesigned Xbox architecture. On top of that, the Xbox One features a built-in Kinect, SmartGlass integration, and a better controller. The new Kinect sensor is also the binding power behind the new device. There is also the modern Xbox Live, which has been “re-invented” by the cloud and powered by 15,000 servers worldwide! The Xbox One also features a dedicated Game DVR as well as editing and sharing tools!

The new Xbox One controller also allows the Kinect to recognize you and allow you to proceed to your latest game save instantly. The new controller has forty design changes, new ergonomics, and new “dynamic impulse triggers.”

So what are the specs of the new device? The Xbox One features an 8-core CPU, 8GB DDR3 system memory, 500GB hard drive, BluRay, WiFi, 802.11N, HDMI input/output, and USB 3.0. The cooling fans will also be “three times quieter,” according to Microsoft. On top of the specs, Xbox One will also feature three operating systems. Xbox One will have the Xbox operating system as well as a kernel of Windows, in order for the Xbox to allow you to multitask and instantly switch between features. Or as Microsoft puts it, Windows “creates the best environment for apps.” And the third operating system? Well, a combination of both Xbox and Windows, although Microsoft was not too clear about it.

Microsoft is expected to reveal more about the Xbox One and its games during the E3 entertainment expo on June 11th. The Xbox One launches “later this year.”