Xbox One Elite controller sold out

Michael Cottuli

If you were looking to pick up an Xbox One Elite controller, then you’re out of luck for now. The new Xbox controller that sought to offer competitive gamers a more customization-friendly controller seems to have gotten a very warm reception, now being entirely out of stock on the Microsoft store, which makes sense due to its premium nature. The controller is made of metal and tested to be sturdy, avoiding the wear and tear that frequently becomes a problem for the standard Xbox One controller.
elite controller
The Xbox One Elite controller allowed players to change to a hair trigger, raise the elevation of thumbsticks to allow for more precise movement, and more. It’s arguably one of the best options that competitively minded gamers have ever had, so it’s a shame that it’s out of stock at the moment. Hopefully there will be more of these controllers available soon, but until then you’re going to have to wait a bit.
While speaking to GamesBeat, a representative from Microsoft addressed the shortage of the Elite controllers, stating that Microsoft is “working quickly to get more units of the Xbox Elite Wireless controller in the hands of fans, and look forward to replenishing inventory in time for the holidays.”
GamesBeat also noted a message from Xbox boss Phil Spencer posted on NeoGAF, who said that Microsoft didn’t expect the demand:

“[We’re] definitely pleasantly surprised by the consumer response to this product,” wrote Spencer. “The controller was designed for a niche consumer base, for the hardcore and pro players. We did not expect the demand that this controller received. We do plan on increasing production of the product to meet consumer demand.”

In the meantime, if you don’t have an Xbox One yet, you can think about springing for the Xbox Elite bundle come November 3rd. It comes at a $500 price tag, but comes with an Xbox One with increased storage space and the Xbox One Elite controller in the box. If you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks on your new Xbox One (and are inclined to play games with a competitive edge) that may be a good option.