Xbox One designers share their stories about the life of the games console


Xbox One designers share their stories about the life of the games console

Everyone with an Xbox One has a story to tell. Perhaps you were one of those people who camped outside a store to pick up a console on launch day. Maybe you were the first person on your street to get your hands on one. But it’s not just the average gamer who has a story to share — there are also plenty of tales from those involved in the creation of the console.

The Microsoft Stories website is home to a range of articles that give an insight into the people who use Microsoft product, those who are inspired by them, the people who inspire Microsoft, and those who work there.

Among the latest additions to the site are articles from three people heavily involved in the development of Xbox One. These stories give a fascinating glimpse into the process that is behind the console.

Boyd Multerer, director of development talks about catering to the needs of gamers. “The needs of the gamer and the needs of the game developers are at direct odds, so how do you serve both at the same time? That’s the real reason why we did two separate operating systems. One is more static, aimed letting game developers ability to deliver the best games, and one is aimed at the gamer to give them an evolving, changing, updating console that will be able to support the next big social network that hasn’t even been invented yet.”

Carl Ledbetter, industrial designer shares the story of standing line for an Xbox One, despite being one of those responsible for designing it. And creative producer Alex Hebert shows that gaming is far from being a male pursuit.

Take a read for yourself. You’ll find the level of enthusiasm incredibly inspiring.