Xbox One console owners will soon be able to eject Blu-ray and game discs with a controller

Brad Stephenson

Xbox One Phantom Black Wireless Controller

Microsoft’s Xbox One consoles are finally getting the ability to eject a disk by pressing a button on a controller.

This new feature was spotted by some Reddit users who are partaking in the Xbox Insiders program and noticed the new prompt to press the X button to make a disk eject.

This feature isn’t available for the average user just yet, not even after today’s big Xbox One update, but it should roll out soon if it’s being tested right now with Insiders and is already working well.

The ability to eject a disk from the controller has been one of the most-wanted features on Xbox One since the console’s launch. While it doesn’t exactly change the way games are played, it is considered to be a feature that most would expect on a modern console especially since DVD players have been able to perform this function from their remote controls since the 90s.

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