Xbox May Update brings “stories” to Xbox App, Quality of Service tagging

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft is rolling out the Xbox May Update. A small one, the update delivers a new “stories” feature to the Xbox app, as well as a Quality of Service tagging feature that can help you protect your gaming network from connection issues.

Other than a name change, it is not clear how the new “stories” feature is different from the activity feed, but Microsoft says that it should showcase your skills and help you up to date with your friends. Stories support game clips, screenshots, and achievements with your friends and the Xbox community. It also lets you reply to your friends’ stories with a message or quick reaction, like Instagram. You’ll find stories on the home screen of the Xbox app.

To create a story, you just need to click the + button on your gamertag located within the stories channel, and then select the content you want to post. You’ll be able to preview before you post and add captions. All stories are visible from the last 72 hours, and stories will be saved to your profile.

As for the Quality of Service (QoS) Tagging, this feature helps you set tags on your latency-sensitive outbound gaming network traffic. That can include party chat, console streaming, and multiplayer. Microsoft says that it “helps protect your gaming experience from connection issues during times of congestion on supported networks.” You’ll find this General > Network settings > Advanced settings. Microsoft has a support page for the option if you want to get started.