Xbox March 2021 Update brings new toggles for FPS Boost and Auto HDR on Series X|S consoles

Laurent Giret

Xbox Series X:s Optimized Games

Microsoft has just released the March 2020 Update for Xbox consoles, which will give Series X|S early adopters more control over how backwards-compatible games look and feel. Indeed, this update introduces new per-game toggles for Auto HDR, an AI-powered capability that works on all back compat titles, as well as FPS Boost, a new feature that can double or even quadruple the framerate in select games.

After installing this update, you’ll find these new compatibility options in your game’s manage settings. If your TV or monitor doesn’t support HDR, the Auto HDR toggle will be greyed out. As for FPS Boost, the feature is only supported in Sniper Elite 4, Watch Dogs 4, Far Cry 4, EA Sports UFC 4, and New Super Lucky’s Tale, with more games to come later. These two toggles will allow players to experience these games in their original, non-enhanced form, and when Auto HDR and FPS Boost are enabled the two indicators will appear under the clock when you press the Xbox button

March Xbox Update

Microsoft is also making it easier for Xbox gamers to manage their different subscriptions in Settings > Accounts, with the ability to update their payment information, change their plans, and more. In My Games & Apps, the Manage screens should also load faster after installing this update, and Microsoft has also made it easier to see what parts of bundles are best for your console if you select Choose what to install rather than just Install all.

On March 16, the Xbox Accessories app for Xbox Consoles and Windows 10 will also be updated to support Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Wireless headset. The app will allow users to customize their audio experience and update the headset’s firmware over time, similar to the firmware updates for Xbox Wireless Controllers Microsoft releases from time to time.

Today’s announcement also mentioned two incoming updates for OneGuide and the Xbox mobile app: The latter will soon bring back Xbox achievements, which have been missing since Microsoft redesigned the app last fall. “This first update will include a list of achievements in the app, an achievements details screen, and achievement unlocked notifications. We’ll also be releasing an additional update with popular features like leaderboards in the coming months,” the Xbox team said.

As for OneGuide, the app will lose its TV listings on Xbox One consoles in May, a decision “based on customer usage and feedback.” The app will still allow Xbox One owners to use the HDMI-passthrough to connect other devices and to watch TV via USB TV tuners. As a reminder, OneGuide isn’t available on Xbox Series X|S as the new consoles dropped the Xbox One’s HDMI-in port.

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