Xbox Gaming Services app appears in the Microsoft Store

Jack Wilkinson

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A new app has appeared in the Microsoft Store that has raised some questions over its use and purpose. Called Xbox Gaming Services, there’s no information on what the app is supposed to do, however, renowned leaker WalkingCat, who found the app, believes that the app is to do with recent gaming-related changes being tested in recent Insider builds.

It is also believed the app could be related to GameCore, which aims to make it easy to port games across from Xbox to PC.

To install the app, it requires maximum privilege of the device it is being installed on; requesting the following permissions:

  • Access all your files, peripheral devices, apps, apps, and programs
  • Access your internet connection
  • Install a service on the machine
  • Install a service on the machine that runs with maximum privileges
  • Manage other apps directly
  • Gather information about other apps
  • Control system policies related to apps that installed on the device

As time progresses, it’s likely we’ll find out the true use of this app. It is clear that Microsoft is working on a number of Xbox-related projects currently, such as xCloud (its cloud-based gaming initiative), bringing Xbox games to PC, and more. We will be sure to keep you up to date with any new information on the Gaming Services app.