Xbox Game Pass is adding Halo:MCC, Quantum Break, and 8 more games in September

Laurent Giret

The Xbox team has shared all the details about the Xbox Game Pass September update, and we’re glad to see that Halo: The Master Chief Collection won’t be the only blockbuster game coming to the catalog next month. Indeed, Quantum Break will be the other high-profile Microsoft Studios title to join Xbox Games Pass in September, a little more than two years after its release on the Xbox One.

Quantum Break was an interesting console exclusive for Microsoft, as Remedy tried to blend together a sci-fi third-person shooter with a live action show with interactive storytelling. The transmedia experiment may not have become a Remedy classic like Alan Wake or Max Payne, but bringing the game to Xbox Games Pass may finally give the game the exposure it really deserves.

Quantum Break has been enhanced for the Xbox One X last year, giving owners of the new console the choice between 1080p and 4K modes. There is still some confusion about the PC version of Quantum Break on the Microsoft Store, which uses Xbox Live cloud saves and achievements but doesn’t support Xbox Play Anywhere. After initially saying that this PC version would be free to play with Xbox Games Pass, Xbox’s Mike Ybarra has since backtracked from his initial comment.

Seven other games will also be playable starting September 1: Shadow Warrior (this one was previously free with Games with Gold), Aven Colony, Sky Force Reloaded, Manual Samuel, Snake Pass, Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams, and Inner Space. The racing game Onrush, which was released back in June on the Xbox One will also join the catalog on September 5.

Overall, this is a pretty big update for Xbox Games Pass, and October should be another exciting month with the addition of Forza Horizon 4 on its launch day, October 2nd. Let us know in the comments what are the games you would really like to see being added in the coming months.