The Xbox Design Lab will allow you to personalize your Xbox One Controller

Laurent Giret

Microsoft E3 2016 conference is currently is still underway and the company has already revealed that the new Xbox One S console will come with an upgraded controller with textured grip, increased range and bluetooth support. However, it seems that this new Xbox One controller wasn’t the whole story as the company has since announced the Xbox Design Lab, a new website which will allow gamers to customize this new controller.

Gamers will be able to choose between several colours for differents parts of the controller including the front, back, buttons and triggers, with Microsoft explaining that around eight million color combinations are possible. The custom controllers will start shipping in October and will cost you $79.99 (an engraving option is also available for $9.99), and Microsoft has announced that the Xbox Design Lab web portal will be available later today at Are you looking forward to be able to customize your Xbox One controller? Let us know in the comments below.