Xbox Design Lab delayed in Europe until 2017

Brad Stephenson

Xbox Design Lab

One of the most-talked about announces from this year’s E3 conference was Microsoft’s new Xbox Design Lab which will allow users to customize the colors of their own Xbox One controllers online and have them shipped directly to them.

While the U.S.A. website is already online and accepting customizations and pre-orders for the official launch in September 2016, visitors to the official Xbox Design Lab website from outside the U.S.A. are currently getting automatically redirected to the main Xbox website for their region. This has left many gamers wondering if the service would get a delayed launch in their region and now Microsoft appears to have confirmed that, yes, unfortunately this is the case.

U.K. gaming website, reached out to Microsoft earlier this week and was told that not only would Xbox Design Lab be coming to Europe in 2017 but it wouldn’t launch until September 2017, a full year after the U.S.A. launch and also after next year’s E3.

It’s unclear if this staggered rollout will also occur in other regions or if Xbox Design Lab is even planned to rollout internationally at all. We’ll keep you posted on official launch dates for Xbox Design Lab as information as we hear it.

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