Xbox classics revisited vol.8: classic racing games

Robert Collins

Forza Motorsport 7 Bugatti Hl 1024x768

Welcome to Xbox Classics Revisited. In this ongoing series we aim to take a look back at the previous three generations of Xbox games on the original Xbox, the Xbox 360, and the Xbox One. These mini-retrospectives serve as a tribute to some of the best gaming that Xbox has given us over the last 20+ years.
For those who were lucky enough to have been there for all of it, read on and savor the nostalgia. For those Xbox fans too young to remember Maude Flanders or Pepsi Twist: meet your Xbox gaming backlog.

Rallisport Challenge (2002)

Microsoft Game Studios—Xbox, Windows

Rallisport Challenge.jpg

Rallisport Challenge made quite a splash when it released back in 2002 on the original Xbox. The game boasted stunning visuals (for the time) and accessible arcade-style driving physics.

Four off-road racing disciplines were represented: Rally, Rallycross, Hill Climb events and Ice Racing. There were also a bevy of cars present, from the latest rally racers to classic Group B monsters like the Audi S4, MG Metro and more.

Most importantly, the game was a blast to play. It still enjoys a rating of 87 on Metacritic today (Xbox version).

Split/Second (2010)

Disney Interactive Studios—Xbox 360

Split Second Velocity EU Cover.jpg

This 2010 arcade racer broke the mold with a unique premise and gameplay. Split/Second puts players in the middle of a reality TV show in which participants take part in daredevil races filled with such hazards as buckling highways, dam breaches and more.

Players and opponents also have access to a feature called “power plays”  that can be used to disrupt the competition. These include explosives dropped from helicopters, exploding tankers and more.

Split/Second was a rather unusual release from Disney, but it is regarded as one of the biggest hidden gems from the Xbox 360 era.

Forza Motorsport 7 (2017)

Microsoft Studios—Xbox One, Windows

Forza 7 art.jpg

Forza Motorsport 7 represented a return to form for the king of racers when it came to Xbox One and Windows in 2017. The boasts over 700 cars and 30+ tracks with more than 200 configurations. Also, the game has dynamic weather for the first time in the Forza Motorsport series. Otherwise the game delivers everything that was always exceptional about the brand, with great simcade driving.

Unfortunately, this award-winning racing game was delisted from storefronts last year due to licensing issues. However, the series is due to return in Spring 2023 with the day one Game Pass release titled Forza Motorpsort, which appears to be a reboot of some sort for the series.

Wrap up

We hope you enjoy these mini-retrospectives. What are some of your favorite classic Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One racing games? Are they on this list? Let us know about your favorite Xbox gaming experiences in the comments below. And thanks for reading.