Xbox boasts "most awarded games lineup" in new video

Michael Cottuli

Halo 5

The Xbox One has been struggling in quite a few areas since launch, the most notable of which being its lack of good exclusive titles (The only strong title so far, in my opinion, is Sunset Overdrive – a game which received very little attention.) While the Xbox One isn’t overwhelming us with exclusives by any means, it’s definitely stepping up its game.
In a new video, Microsoft shows off some of the new games in its lineup, including Xbox One exclusives. The video features Rise of the Tomb Raider, Halo 5, Scalebound, ReCore, and the long-teased Quantum Break. These new exclusives, Halo 5 in particular, are the first titles that should be of any interest to those who are on the fence about which next-gen console to buy. The Playstation 4 is still outplaying the Xbox One in terms of its exclusive games, exclusive content in multi-platform titles, and in the overall quality of free games, however Microsoft is slowly starting to catch up to Sony’s head start.

The video also shows some not-so-anticipated titles that are going to be launching on both the PS4 and Xbox One, such as Fifa 16 and Rainbow Six: Siege. It strikes me as odd that they decided to include these games, as videos such as this should be celebrating the Xbox One exclusives that the console needs in order to be competitive. Xbox One owners don’t have much longer to wait until they can get their hands on fantastic-looking titles like ReCore and Scalebound, and hopefully Microsoft starts shedding more light on the release dates of those titles soon.
The Xbox One is getting some very attractive looking titles rolling out in 2016, and any one of them could easily make the console worth it for the savvy consumer.