Xbox Beta app for Windows 10 adds Twitter sharing and more new features

Brad Stephenson

The Xbox Beta app on Windows 10 has updated with some rather significant new features added in addition to the usual performance and bug fixes. Here are the major changes:

  • Xbox One Game DVR clips can now be edited and shared directly from within the Xbox Beta app.
  • Twitter integration has finally made its way to the Xbox Beta app. Twitter accounts can be linked to the app via the Settings page under the Facebook account options. Right now, linking an account will automatically tweet Achievements and Screencaps to Twitter followers and there appears to be no way customize what is shared to Twitter and what isn’t. Also, unlike the Facebook connection which can be used to discover friends with Xbox accounts, linking a Twitter account does not affect Xbox Live Friends at all.
  • The suggestion engine for Xbox Live Friends has been improved and now appears to promote friends of friends over popular Xbox gamer accounts which were heavily promoted previously.
  • Users of the Xbox Beta app can now customize their profile page’s location and description in addition to the avatar’s design and profile color preference.
  • Xbox Live Friends will now appear within the People app on Windows 10. Previous updates had linked Xbox Live accounts with existing People app entries but this new update creates completely new entries within the People app for Xbox Live Friends who don’t have other contact information connected to them. This integration was something that was promised before the launch of Windows 10 and it looks like it’s finally going to be implemented fully.
  • New support for PC games has been added with new game hubs for PC titles and online presence now being supported (an Xbox profile will show that the player is playing a PC title when logged in).

The Xbox Beta app is a Windows 10 app that anyone can download. It is used by Microsoft to test new features with a small audience before rolling them out to the regular Xbox app that the majority of users use. Do you use the Xbox Beta app? Let us know in the comments below.