Xbox Ambassadors get a brand new website

Michael Cottuli

If Xbox is good for anything, it’s good for its community. The Xbox community is a group of talented, helpful individuals who are happy to help each other in any way they can. The Xbox Ambassadors are a group of people who aim to make sure that aspect of the community can be as effective as possible, and they just got a brand new website to make sure they can pull that off without a hitch.
The Xbox Ambassador website allows people interested in making the Xbox community a better place to sign up as an ambassador. As an ambassador, you pick a specialization, take on “missions,” and earn XP that contributes to rewards, including games and Xbox Live Gold cards.
The gamification of good will is something that’s, frankly, genius. The Xbox Ambassador program is creating a strong network of kind, helpful people while using incentives to make sure everyone wants to be even better. The addition of this new website to their program is something that should put them on the map for you, if they weren’t there already. With the amount of Xbox One owners surely getting pumped up with the upcoming holiday sales, the ambassadors will be doing a ton of work for the Xbox community.