Xbox 720: EA denies internal software development


As we recently reported, Microsoft’s successor to the Xbox 360, dubbed Xbox Next or Xbox 720, was rumored to have been handed off to an unidentified Electronic Arts studio as well as various developers for software development. Today, EA responded to the rumors and are dismissing these claims.

From what CVG reports, Electronic Arts is denying rumors that the company has the next generation Xbox console for internal development testing.

It was rumored that the company had the new Xbox hardware in a PC shell to test out and develop games.

Electronic Arts responded to the rumors by saying, “This story is a total fabrication – 100 percent not true.”

It seemed obvious that Microsoft would push the software development for its new Xbox console by giving developers the chance to begin developing games for it. With EA’s statement regarding the rumors, it now seems unlikely that we will see the console at E3. But who knows. Maybe we will. The initial belief was that Microsoft would use the E3 event to announce the new Xbox console and take some of the spotlight away from Nintendo’s Wii successor.

We will keep you updated on any late breaking news regarding the Xbox Next as details come in.