Xbox 360 receives feature filled update including 2GB of cloud storage

Sean Michael

Xbox 360 console

The Xbox 360 keeps moving along as a long living console. It has received yet another update that brings a variety of new features including three highlighted specifically by Xbox’s Larry Hyrb. Despite the Xbox 360 being a relatively old console, (its successor the Xbox One has been out over a year and a half) Microsoft is still finding ways to improve its usefulness.
Possibly the most important new feature is the ability to use 2GB of Cloud Storage. With Xbox One backwards compatibility rolling out that will allow you to play many Xbox 360 games on the newer console, being able to store game saves in the cloud is an especially handy use for the storage.
You can also now connect Xbox 360s to networks requiring a Terms of Use acceptance. Examples of these networks include hotels and many public internet connections. As long as you have the latest version of Internet Explorer on your Xbox 360 you can login to a network and play away. While the Xbox 360 isn’t the most portable machine, this is great for if you’re away from home for a while and want to play.
Third, you can now redeem Xbox Live Marketplace codes from messages. This makes it a lot easier to use codes and streamlines the purchasing process.
While Larry Hyrb highlighted those three updates, the other new features he mentions are worth mentioning as well. Groove Music and Movies & TV are now usable on the Xbox 360. Also, Activity Feed lets you connect socially with friends and see game clips and screen shots. With this update you can see what your friends are doing on their Xbox One or Windows 10 devices as opposed to only other Xbox 360s. Lastly, you can also see your Microsoft account balance when you’re looking at games or the marketplace, a nice feature to make sure you can afford new content.
Overall this is an impressive looking update. The Xbox 360 may be older but it’s far from finished when it comes to receiving new content.