Xbox 360 Marketplace to close July 2024

Robert Collins

Xbox 360

July 29, 2024 will mark the end of an era as the Xbox 360 Marketplace will be closed on that date. It was hinted earlier this year that the Xbox 360 Marketplace might be sunset in the near future.

The upside is that this gives fans almost a full year to enjoy the Xbox 360 Store and grab all the 360 games they want, because they will of course still be playable after the closure. Gamers will also still be able to redownload owned titles. And the same goes for DLC and add-on content.

Also, online multiplayer for these games will still be supported provided the game’s servers are still live. Cloud saves will remain available as well.

Xbox 360 Marketplace

Microsoft stresses that users will still be able to purchase a great many of these Xbox 360 titles thanks to backward compatibility. The Microsoft Movies & TV app however, will cease to function on Xbox 360 consoles following the closure. User’s content library will remain in place and will be streamable on Windows devices, Xbox One and Series X|S. More info is available here.