Xbox 360 Live Arcade title Carassonne is the latest Xbox One Backward Compatible title

Mark Coppock

One of the most popular features added to the Xbox One with November’s New Xbox One Experience update has been Backward Compatibility, or the ability to run Xbox 360 games on Microsoft’s latest console. The company has been releasing new titles as they become available, and today we have an Xbox 360 Live Arcade title hitting the Xbox One.

Carcassonne screenshot.
Carcassonne screenshot.

Carcassonne is an electronic version of the popular German board game and was originally released as part of the Live Arcade platform. Here’s the description:

Buy Carcassonne today and become a master of medieval strategy. Own a fully featured version of the board game classic and fulfill the need for challenge any time you want, or play socially, with up to five players on Xbox LIVE, or up to four players on just one Xbox 360. Multiple levels of difficulty offer a challenging experience for players of all ages and levels of experience.

If you’re a fan of the game and miss being able to run it since picking up your shiny new Xbox One, then here’s your chance to get back into the board game action. You can purchase the game here, if you already own it then it should show up for downloading.