World of Tanks Blitz is now a Universal Windows 10 app

Dave W. Shanahan

world of tanks blitz

World of Tanks is already a big success on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Game developer Wargaming decided to bring the action to Windows PCs, tablets, and Windows 10 Mobile. World of Tanks Blitz is now available as a Universal Windows 10 app. World of Tanks Blitz allows cross-platform gaming, so you can play with your friends whether they choose to play on Windows 10 PCs, tablets, or Windows 10 Mobile.
World of Tanks Blitz lets you control over 200 tanks from Germany, Great Britain, US, USSR, and Japan as you fight epic 7-versus-7 battles across WWII destructive landscapes. World Of Tanks Blitz lets you choose from 4 highly customizable vehicle classes, including light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, and tank destroyers. World of Tanks Blitz offers real-life physics to showcase authentic tank movement and damage mechanics as you destroy your enemies through 18 battle arenas.

World of Tanks Blitz allows clan functionality, so you can set up your own online teams and in-game chat is available so you can coordinate your attacks in your race to win. World of Tanks Blitz offers a comprehensive set of tutorials on how to play, so if even if you are a newcomer to World of Tanks, you’ll have plenty of time to learn how to dominate your opponents.
If you liked the World of Tanks version on Xbox One and Xbox 360, now is your chance to play it wherever you are on whatever Windows 10 device you choose. Download World of Tanks Blitz and give it a try.
World of Tanks Blitz
World of Tanks Blitz