World of Tanks available for pre-download on Xbox One

Dave W. Shanahan

World of Tanks available for pre-download on Xbox One

World of Tanks is a massive online multiplayer that is free-to-play and is now available with four new expansion packs in anticipation of the World of Tanks release on Xbox One July 28th. World of Tanks allows you take control of tanks throughout history and do battle on Xbox Live against players from across the globe. World of Tanks is cross-play enabled so that you can play with or against players on the Xbox One and Xbox 360. World of Tanks is free to download on Xbox Live and only Xbox Live Gold members can play online unlimited. Xbox Live Silver members get a 7-day free trial. 

There are four expansion packs available for World of Tanks that include:

Pre-download World of Tanks Bundle (FREE): includes  World of Tanks game and limited edition T1E6-X1 unique U.S. light tank with Xbox One Founder Emblem. Please note that the special edition It’s only available before July 28th.

Pre-order the Vanguard Pack ($19.99): This pack includes the rare AMX Chaffee French light tank, special Xbox One Founder Emblem, 100% Trained Crew, 36 Prf. 1930 Shells, 8 Frt.Prf. 1944 Shells, 1 Garage Slot, 7 Days of Premium and player-selectable AMX Chaffee Ace Operation.

Pre-order the Assault Pack ($34.99): This pack includes the rare prototype T95E2 tank, Xbox One Founder Emblem, 30 Days of Premium Account, and player selectable T95E2 Ace Operation.

Pre-order the Battalion Pack ($48.99): This pack includes the Xbox One Founder Emblem on included tanks, American Tier III MTLS-1G14, American Tier VIII T95E2, French Tier VI F224 AMX Chaffee, 500,000 Silver, 30 Days of Premium Account, Player selectable Operations (Op MTLS Ace, Op T95E2 Ace and Op AMX Chaffee Ace).

Pre-Download World of Tanks for Xbox One from the Xbox Games Store.