Word Flow Keyboard on Windows Phone 8.1 sets a new Guinness World Record


World Flow Keyboard on Windows Phone 8.1 sets a new Guinness World Record

Microsoft’s highly anticipated Windows Phone 8.1 operating system is set to bring forth numerous new improvements, including an action center, Cortana digital assistant, and more. But did you know that Windows Phone 8.1 comes with a new keyboard called “World Flow?” Better yet, did you know that this keyboard has allowed Windows Phone 8.1 to set a new Guinness World Record?

Microsoft has posted a new video to YouTube showcasing Word Flow, a keyboard that is set to rival Swype on Android. “Typing on a touchscreen device without having to look at the screen could be extremely useful in cases when it’s either dangerous, interruptive or impolite to text. Microsoft researchers developed a novel UX and robust decoder to shape write in groups of characters. To demonstrate the feasibility of this approach, the research team broke the Guinness World record for touchscreen and blind texting, and worked with the Windows Phone team to include the WordFlow feature in Windows Phone 8.1,” the video description states.

The Word Flow keyboard will be made available as part of Windows Phone 8.1, which is set to be released as a Developer Preview on April 14th via the Developer Preview program. Do you see yourself using this keyboard, or do you prefer the old fashioned keyboard for typing? Let us know in the comments below.