Windows Terminal v0.7 brings support for multiple panes and tab reordering

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft has released another update to the Windows Terminal application for Windows 10. This brings the app to version 0.7 on the Microsoft Store as well as on GitHub, and brings new improvements to improve multitasking.

Perhaps the most significant new addition is the option to add multiple panes to a single window, allowing more than one command interface from within the same instance. Functionality is still limited, at the moment, as users will only be able to open the default profile for the time being, although Microsoft says multiple-profile support is in the plans.

Windows Terminal recently received improvements to the tab interfaced, but version 0.7 takes it a little further. Tabs can now be reorganized or help improve productivity. While these is definitely a welcomed addition, it’s not without bugs—tabs cannot be reorganized in administrator mode and the UI will occasionally cut off.

The team behind the Windows Terminal have also bright other UI improvements, such as suppressing application titles for better tab readability, as well as a thinner boarder around the window for improves aesthetic. And a few bug fixes have been provided in this update, including improvements to pasting, a fix to the Alt + Arrow key command, and reduction in crashes. You can check the Microsoft DevBlogs for more information.

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