Windows Store on Windows 8 gets a facelift during May 2014 Patch Tuesday


Windows Store on Windows 8 gets a facelift during May 2014 Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has rolled out an update to the Windows Store app for Windows 8.1 and Windows RT today, as part of May 2014’s Patch Tuesday. This new update brings along a few new features, including a complete facelift for the Windows Store.

Microsoft unveiled a brand new Windows Store design during Build 2014 – which focused on improving navigation and making it easier to find apps. The updated Windows Store now features a new persistent green bar at the top, giving you quick access to various Windows Store sections. In fact, the Windows Store now seems smoother, faster, and much more organized than before!

The homepage of the Windows Store is also easier to navigate using a mouse, which is an added bonus. There is also a new persistent green menu bar at the top of the Windows Store app, which eliminates the need of having to right click to see your account details or see the Windows Store categories. This is obviously better for non-touch users.

You can also see a full list of app collections, similar to the Windows Phone Store. These collections include the Getting Started collection, Better together collection, Red Stripe Deals, and much more. The Windows Store team will also publish hand-picked app collections, for your downloading pleasure. Apps that are featured in deals will clearly showcase the price reduction on the app’s description page as well, so you can easily see the discount. You can even sort between games and apps.

Microsoft has also made it easier for developers to link their Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 apps. This allows users to purchase the app once and download it across devices. “App publishers can now choose to link their free Windows and Windows Phone apps, helping you to quickly identify and download the apps you love across your Windows devices. Similarly, publishers can also choose to link their paid apps such that if you buy the app once, you can get it across your Windows devices,” Microsoft explained.

Grab the latest updates from today’s Patch Tuesday and check out the new Windows Store!