Windows Store launches new Campaign APIs for Windows 10 devs and media agencies

Laurent Giret

Microsoft has introduced yesterday new campaign APIs for developers and media agencies looking to promote their apps on the Windows Store. These REST APIs will complement the “Promote your App” feature on the DevCenter dashboard, which already allows developers to create ad campaigns with advanced targeting capabilities. The blog post noted:

These APIs are a powerful way of accessing your ad campaigns – they allow for bulk operations and features such as sharing creatives and/or targeting templates across campaigns. For media agencies handling large volumes of advertising, the APIs allow for flexibility while creating campaigns as well as viewing reporting data.

Developers that already have a DevCenter account can get started with these APIs by following the detailed steps listed on this support page. Media agencies can also get access to these APIs by sending an email to [email protected]. Sound off in the comments if you think this announcement will make it easier for devs and media houses to promote their apps on the Windows Store.