Windows RT being brought to Windows Phones through fan project

Michael Cottuli


Don’t toss out your Windows 10 Mobile device, yet. If developer Ben (“imbushuo”) has anything to say about it, that handset could be a little bit more than just a paperweight. Ben has been developing a way to load up Windows RT onto a Windows Phone handset, and it seems to have been a particularly successful project. You can see a brief video of the OS running on one of Ben’s phones down below, along with some video playback. The video seems to run just fine, although – as Ben notes in his tweet – he has to send the audio to a Bluetooth device right now.

Having Windows RT on a phone seems like an interesting novelty, at the very least. The way that Ben has it working, it almost seems like a natural fit. While I can’t personally think of any reason to use my Lumia 950 at all, let alone as a Windows RT platform, I’m sure there are tons of fans who would be interested.

Assuming Ben makes this work public in the near future, you can keep an eye on his Github page right here. He also has a blog, and a few other helpful links to his work on his website. Along with his fairly active Twitter account, you should have no problem keeping up with his progress.