Windows Reddit app 'ReddHub' is out for Windows Phone, download now!

Kareem Anderson

Third-party Reddit app wars continue on the Windows platform with third party client ReddHub V2 making the leap to Windows Phones today. Yesterday we reported on the highly touted third party Reddit client, Readit for Windows Phone hoping onto desktops in the Windows 10 Store. Today, it seems the competition would like to level the playing field.
ReddHub for Windows Phone includes:

  • An adaptive viewing panel for a more intuitive viewing experience
  • Pivot navigation for easy one-handed use
  • Inline video display with an embedded player
  • Familiar Reddit post options such as hide, save, sort, share, post, comment and open full browser experience

Image Credit: ReddHubv2
The app is similar to its PC counterpart being free to download in the Windows Mobile Store. However, the in-app upgrades for ad removal do not seem to be present in this version.
Anecdotally, I used Readit on Windows Phone for years, but the speed and intuitive viewing of the ReddHub app has quickly become my preferred choice now for phones. Ironically, the ReddHub client for PCs was a slow and cumbersome experience, and I much prefer layout and speed of the Readit app on PCs now.