Windows Phone’s share improves in the United States, but is it enough?


Windows Phone's share improves in the United States, but is it enough?

According to the latest data from research firm comScore, there has been improvements in Windows Phone’s market share in the United States. Microsoft’s mobile operating system has grown from 3.3 percent it had in April to 3.6 percent as recorded at the end of July.

The market is still dominated by Google’s Android, which despite a slide, still holds 52.5 percent (down from 52.5 in April) of market share. Apple’s iOS gained a few users too, moving from 41.4 percent to 42.4 percent. Blackberry continues to lose its popularity, dropping from 2.5 percent in April to 2.3 percent.

While Windows Phone’s share is moving up, the company won’t be pleased with the pace. Furthermore, according to recent Kantar report, which is consistent with the IDC report, Windows Phone’s market share in many parts of the world continues to trickle down. Microsoft has launched a plethora of smartphones for all price segments, but the company isn’t able to lure as many customers as they were hoping for.

What do you think Microsoft needs to do to get more people to use its Windows Phone handsets?