Windows phone manufacturer claims Microsoft does have a mobile strategy

Brad Stephenson

Businessman Holding A Windows Phone

Wileyfox’s previously announced Windows phone finally launched last week in Europe and while this may seem like an odd thing to do given how much Microsoft appears to be winding down the Windows 10 Mobile brand, a company representative spoke to the German news site, WindowsArea, to shed some light on the new mobile device and how it came about.

In the interview, the company rep reveals that Microsoft helped Wileyfox develop this new Windows phone, which was created for business use by companies who couldn’t afford a more-expensive device such as an Apple iPhone, and also states that Microsoft does indeed have a mobile strategy though no details could be revealed at this moment in time.

According to the interview, several large firms in the U.K. are already considering the implementation of the Wileyfox Pro Windows phone with some beginning small trials before considering a proper rollout. Vodafone Group is apparently one company who is considering the device for use by its employees.

Several Microsoft employees, including Satya Nadella himself, have dropped hints at Microsoft’s future plans for mobile but there has been little said from third-parties until now. Microsoft seems to have taken a break from producing its own mobile devices while it prepares for the reveal and eventual launch of its rumored new mobile device that could be called the Surface Phone or Surface Mobile. Despite this hardware break though, some third-parties have still released their own Windows phones and the Windows 10 Mobile operating system and first-party apps continue to get updates on a regular basis.

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