Windows Phone grabs 12 percent market share in Belgium, could surpass iOS in the region

Hammad Saleem

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According to a new report from Belgian shores, Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system is slowly gaining popularity, with the market share climbing to an impressive 12 percent. It seems Europe has greeted Windows Phone with open arms, since we’ve seen several reports in the past mentioning about its success in the region. Currently, Italy is one of the strongest regions for Windows Phone devices where the market share resides at 13.9 percent, surpassing iOS, according to the latest Kantar figures.

The numbers come directly from Ervan Pouliquen, Marketing and Operations Director at Microsoft Belgium. He said that Microsoft’s 12 percent share is good enough to include it in the top 10 countries where Windows Phone devices are selling well. Here’s a roughly translated version of what Pouliquen said, “Belgium is clearly in the top 10 worldwide for sales of Windows Phone.” The report also mentions that Windows Phone is about to overtake iOS in the region, which currently resides at 19 percent market share.

The high market share is due to the popularity of Nokia devices, not just in Europe but other countries in the region as well. Windows Phone has a decent market share in several other countries including UK, France, India, Russia, Germany and a few more. We’re hoping the market share to go up with the arrival of Windows Phone 8.1 powered devices.