Windows Phone Design team responds to Windows Phone 9 ‘starting over’ rumor, finds it funny


Windows Phone Design team

According to a recent rumor circulating the internet right, Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 9 operating system will be designed for both tablet devices as well as smartphones. Basically, the rumor suggested that Microsoft would be starting over with Windows Phone.

Microsoft’s official Windows Phone Design team has responded to these claims by simply stating “hahaha.” For those that didn’t know, the Windows Phone Design team is responsible for the user interface and idea behind the Windows Phone design principles.

The ideology of having two different operating systems for mobile and desktop has been present since the release of Windows 8. Microsoft has one operating system that was designed for two different types of devices, touch and PC. Those who supported this rumor believe in this idea.

However, publicly refuting the rumor, the official design team humorously indicated via a Tweet that the rumor was not true. So there you have it.