Windows Phone 8.1 reportedly reaches Milestone 3, one step closer to RTM

Zac Bowden

Windows Phone

2014 is finally here, which means this year we can expect to see the highly anticipated Windows Phone 8.1 update hit our Windows Phone devices. We’ve had a number of leaks regarding the update as of late which revealed a number of new changes including the introduction of a notification center and personal assistant. What’s more, it seems Windows Phone 8.1 is at full steam, as it recently hit, if not already passed development Milestone 3. We’re not too sure how long it’s been in this development stage for, but it does mean we’re one step closer to RTM.

With all versions of Windows, the team develop the operating system in waves. You’ll get a certain amount of milestones, and then the RTM. According to Nawzil, who has been behind a number of Windows Phone leaks in the past, has said today that Windows Phone 8.1 build 8.10.12247.0 marks the first build of Milestone 3. We don’t know when this build was compiled, so it could be really old for all we know.

What does this mean for consumers? Nothing really. What does this mean for enthusiasts who can’t wait for the update? It’s on it’s way! We don’t know how many Milestones the Windows Phone team has planned, but usually a version of Windows has three milestones before hitting Beta, and then eventually going towards RTM.

This information comes from the FB Pages Manager app, which is a popular app to manage your Facebook page. As you can see below, Windows Phone 8.1 has shown up in the analytics, giving us a hint that we are nearing every so closely to an official release.

Windows Phone 8.1 builds

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